Instaxxx: A Book Of Nude Instant Photos

Created by Nate "Igor" Smith

Instaxxx: A Book Of Nude Instant Photos
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$20,646.00 / 395 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: May 2017
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Instaxxx The Book
Get the book at the Kickstarter price.
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Signed Original Instax
Random nude Instax outtake. Signed by photographer on the back. No requests, sorry!
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NOT SAFE is the companion zine to Instaxxx. Created as a stretch goal reward for the Kickstarter ... more »
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Driven By Boredom Enamel Pin
Soft enamel pin. Has to ship separately from the book so shipping costs suck outside of the US. S... more »
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Signed 8"x10" "A General History Of Pirates" Print
One of my favorite Instax photos printed 8"x10" and signed on reverse.
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Instaxxx Postcard
Nearly 400 Kickstarter backers get a postcard for their contribution to the project but I made 50... more »

Learn About Our Project:

Update! 2.1.17

Since this campaign started we blew through the original stretch goals and sold out of a lot of rewards. Since then we have added new signed Intstax from Gabi Paltrova, Jillian Janson, Abigail Mac & Missy Martinez. If theses sell out I will add even more!

As far as stretch goals go we have a lot of cool stuff available to backers! 

  • $3500 - All backers who donated enough to get the book get a signed 5"x7" print!
  • $5000 - We made Instaxxx enamel pins. All backers can purchase one for just $5.
  • $10000 - We are going publish a second zine which will again be available to backers for just $5.
  • $15000 - If we hit $15k in the next day or two I will book a trip to LA for the LA Art Book Fair in order to shoot more girls for the book and try and find some distribution for the book.  

Anyway, thanks a ton for all the support. This book is going to be bigger and better than I ever thought possible!

When I was 19, my girlfriend was leaving town for a month and she had an idea. This was a time before sexting and Skype so she bought me a plastic Barbie Polaroid camera and told me I could take naked photos of her before she left so that I wouldn't cheat on her. These photos were some of the first naked photos I ever took and those early memories created a lifelong love for nude photography on instant film.

I soon started photographing all my friends, girlfriends and lovers nude on Polaroid. This was a documentation of my nascent sexuality and some of the most exciting photography I was doing (at the time I was mostly photographing bands). I switched from the Barbie cam to my mom's old Spectra and eventually to the Polaroid 600, which I used until Polaroid stopped making Instant film. I had photographed hundreds of women nude on Polaroid and I didn't want to stop.

Fortunately, FujiFilm released Instax Wide. The wider format took some getting used to, but it was closer to 35mm and made for more interesting composition. I started buying Instax by the case. I filled up box after box with this collection of memories. I also began selling some of my originals to collectors of my work and fans of the models.

About a year ago, my friend Chelsea Nyegaard asked me to collaborate with her on her on an Instant film zine "Instant Gratification" and I started pulling out some of my favorites for her. I ended up with a stack of about 100 photos that I loved for the image, the girl, or the moment. That's when I started thinking about doing a book.

Since then, I have been shooting Instax every week; taking 5 to 10 shots of each model instead of just one or two. I have started photographing my friends in addition to the models and porn stars with whom I usually work. Now I have close to 200 photos that I think are book-worthy and continue to regularly shoot with this in mind.

The book will feature a minimum of 100 nude instant film photos (probably significantly more). It really depends on how much money we raise but, like every other crowdfunded project I have done, my goal is to give backers more than they expected.


As you can see there are many different reward tiers ranging from as little as $5 all the way up to $750.

Anyone who spends at least $5 will get a postcard and access to a behind-the-scenes blog with scans, outtakes, and updates about the projects.

All other rewards will also include the book but will also include rewards such as original Instax outtakes and prints. For $50, you will get the book and a random signed outtake. For $75, you will get the book and an 8"x10" print of the photo above.

I also had adult film stars Stoya, April O'Neil and Heather Vahn each sign five Instax photos that are available (again, with the book) for $100 backers. I even took a photo of Stoya signing them! Instax inception!

Depending on your contribution, you'll also have access to discounts on my old books and zines and can even claim the actual Instax Wide camera that I shot most of the book on. For that ultimate reward ($750?), you will also receive pretty much everything I've ever made plus the camera.


$2500 is just the minimum needed to make this book. The more money I raise, the better the book will be.

If I hit the $3000 mark, I thought it would be fun to release the uncensored version of the Kickstarter video. We worked so hard on this video and I figured you guys would enjoy seeing the real thing.

At the $3500 point, I will start adding pages to the book and all backers will get a small print. I did this with the Kickstarter for my book Dinner with Igor and it was a hit.

At the $5000 mark, I will start looking to see if a larger book is possible. I have another stretch goal in mind which I am keeping under wraps for now.

After that, the book and rewards will get better and better, so tell your friends. Hopefully we can make this the best book I have ever published. Thanks!